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My moment of weakness with my friend's boyfriend

Joro good evening. Please I need advice from you because I feel so bad. My roommate has a boyfriend and she's always telling me stories about him which I think made me start having feelings for him.

To cut the long story short I went to his house at (solo and had sex with him. He was my first and it was so painful that I never wish to repeat that experience. After it happened I told my roommate that it was my boyfriend I went to visit and had sex with.

Then the boy went to brag to his friends on how he was my first and how he did it raw without cumming in me. My friend found out and I think she hates me. I've been feeling bad since it happened about 2 weeks ago because we are really close and she just found out on Saturday.

I have a void in me, I'm so depressed and I feel like sleeping with a thousand men just to ease the pain I'm feeling. Please i didn't write this just to be insulted but to get advice


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