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My wife is a sex addict. I don't want to accidentally hurt my wife

My wife is a sex addict
Joro good evening more wins to you..l have a serious issue with my wife's sex drive..I couldn't detect this before we got married because she was a virgin and we waited till after marriage before having sex...

Even after i deflowered her she wasn't like this it was months into our marriage she started demanding sex everyday ,up to 3 times in a day we would have sex ,its crazy i don't know what to do...sometimes she will drive to my office for sex ..

I am getting thinner by the day and loosing body fluids despite the fact that I eat alot...l have drank so many sexual enhancement drugs but i cant match her....she wakes me up with a blowjob most nights so we could make out even when we had enough in the day.

ln church if the sermon is too long she would disturb me till we go to the restroom and makeout, i was once admitted in the hospital the day i went to work because i was very weak due to the rounds i had earlier with my wife ..

I told my friend about it but he doesn't see it as a problem ..I don't want to tell my family members so they don't look at her somehow because i love my wife ,i tried to talk to my wife but she asked if It was better she commits adultery which i wont like ...

I have a good sex drive and I have a good sexual health but this is getting too much....My friend suggested putting some herbs in her food to reduce her sex drive but I don't want to accidentally hurt my wife ..please I don't know what to do

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