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Now I am Scared of Light skinned girls

Hi Joro Good afternoon ! More endorsements to you.
Joro pls post and keep me anonymous! It all started when I liked a girl comment in one of your post and she followed me ! Me got to know each other and eventually things went well.

Fast forward to the day we had sex ! Joro ! Everywhere cast .she smells Joro ! I couldn't cuddle, she said I'm not romantic" (amadihoa strike u der) Even when I bath and went out to see my friend " they all said I smell like puxxy.

I couldn't sleep my room for days , I was even thinking of cutting my d2ck off ! And if you see this girl eh ! She was so fine " fair in complexion, and she bath before we even had Sex . I'm really heart broken .
Ever since I'm afraid to approach light skin girls. Pls girls take care of ur pu$$y; I take God beg


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