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We Were Virgins Until Marriage: The Funny Story of Our First Experience With Sex

by Silentbeads

On our bed that night we didn’t know what to do. Not that we didn’t know but we didn’t know where to start and where to end. It was our first time to spend the night together. I didn’t know what to expect. We lied next to each other staring and once in while asked questions.

We’ve been tired. Going through all the things we went through before the final day of our wedding was enough to break us down. He lied still for a while and some minutes later, he was gone. I heard him snoring away. I looked at him one last time and whispered, “Sweet dreams hun, see you tomorrow.”

That was the first night of our honeymoon.

I was a virgin but it never ever crossed my mind to get married to a virgin. It was pure coincidence that I met Hubert and later got married to him. We both didn’t know until later in our relationship when it became obvious that we were going to get married.

Yeah, I had worries. The “what ifs” kept running through my mind; “What if after marriage I found out he couldn’t perform in bed?”

“What if I discovered he had more ‘load’ than I could carry?”

“What if he had some sickness he was hiding?”

“Or we should have sex the night before our wedding?”

“What if…”

But I fought all temptations and stayed strong until after our wedding.

There we were that night, finally married and lying next to each other with the license to do unto each other what pleases us.

But he was too tired and only managed to snore away.

Then the morning came. We spent all day going through the gifts we received from friends and the congratulatory messages they sent our way. Soon the night came. The second night of our honeymoon.

He was poised to redeem himself and I was ready for him. We kissed and very soon he was on top of me. He was looking for the ‘way’ but each time he thought he had found it, he couldn’t go in. I didn’t know how to help.  He kept asking “Is it in?” I kept saying no until I was too tired to answer the same question over and over again. He asked finally, “Is it in?” I said yes but the thing was somewhere in between my thighs. He managed to cum and I felt nothing.

It didn’t feel like we did the right. He knew it and I also knew it.

On the third day, we couldn’t wait for the night to arrive before we try. Just around mid-noon, he climbed on top of me. Again, he was trying so hard to find his way. I couldn’t help him because I was scared I would get it wrong and he would hit me where it hurts. After some minutes of trying he said, “I think you have to shave everything off. That way it would be easier to see where I’m going.”

I spent the rest of the day shaving everything off. I even tried exploring myself so I could help him this time around.

So in the evening after bathing, I went to lie flat on the bed with my face looking up to the ceiling. He came on top of me and started looking for his ‘way’. This time I was able to guide him to the spot where he only had to push. I felt this very sharp pain as he forced his way through but I managed to bear the pain through it all. I knew he was in and the resulting happiness made the pain bearable. He asked the question again and I answered, “I think you are finally in because I could feel you in my stomach.”

His face lit up with smiles and he kept doing his thing.

I was experiencing this combination of both pain and pleasure and fortunately for me, he lasted only for some few minutes. The next moment, he was there, snoring.

“Wow, he went in,” I said to myself with a smile. I was happy and proud of us. It didn’t feel any good but it felt like a great milestone in our lives.

That dawn, I felt his hand moving all over my skin. We did it again. It was still not awesome but it felt like we needed to bombard the ‘way’ we’ve created to open it up so it didn’t seal up the next morning. We were sweaty and salty as though we’d climbed a mountain. He lasted longer than the first and I could see he was happy about it.

 In the early morning, while we were at it again for the third time (Yeah, we didn’t joke at all), we heard a pastor on the radio saying, “You both are not married yet the styles you do in bed, even God himself is afraid. Repent before God’s anger descends on you.”

We both laughed out loud and then my husband said, “Obviously if this pastor is talking to us, then he didn’t see our rings.” And then we laughed again.

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We’ve been together for four years. Now, he doesn’t struggle to find his ‘way’ and I don’t need to shave to give him a clearer view. It simply goes in and out like that.

It’s possible. It’s possible for two virgins to discover sex on their own after marriage. You don’t necessarily need to practice sex before marriage. He might ‘eat’ in between your thighs the first time but he’ll eventually learn where the ‘hole’ is, and when he finally does, he’ll never depart from it again.

—Fafali, Accra, Ghana


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