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A Nigerian Celebrity Is Sleeping With My Wife – Man Raises Alarm

Relationship adviser, love doctor and online psychologist, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a man who claims a celebrity is having an amorous relationship with his wife.

According to him, the celebrity sent about N200,000 to his wife and has been supporting her business. He doesn’t have a strong proof yet but he is planning to launch a media war immediately he does.

Read his account below:
This celebrity kept asking my wife for nudes. She said it's a lie that it's another person who used his dp. He started with mentor and posting her business because he has million followers. I know this guy slept with my wife.

I don't have proof. The day I have proof joro, tundenut, instablog, u must carry this guy gist. Always forming mr perfect online. Perfect married man and all. Okay now. God dey God will grant me this evidence.

He slept with my wife 2016 / 2017. I am 10000000 % sure of this. Please expose them. I don't have proof so I'm here looking. He gave my wife 200k, my wife didn't tell me. He calls my wife at odd hours and my wife and his own wife are not friends. I have been looking.

Exposing helps. He's a celebrity, he can sleep with my wife but I can't sleep with his.

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