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Caught my boyfriend naked with another woman

Caught my boyfriend naked in bed with another woman.
Dear Joro, I am so heartbroken and i feel like dying. My boyfriend asked me to leave school to go see him in Lagos. I went and we were having a good time and everything was fine. I was meant to stay the weekend but then i decided to stay longer and i noticed he wasn't comfortable with it.

He started acting up and finally one day, he just told me it's over. Just like that. No reason. I left his place and i went to stay with a friend. I didn't leave Lagos. After a day, on his own, he came back to me apologizing and saying he loves me and all sorts. My friend was traveling so I had to leave her place. He told me he was traveling too but he would come pick me up and lodge me.

He picked me up from her place, took me to the hotel and was still apologizing. I forgave him and we even made love so intensely. He then left saying he was going to the airport. On his own, this man texted me saying he was at the airport and the flight was even moved and all. Long story cut short Joro, he told me he was sick.

Me out of worry was now calling him, I then decided to call his elder brother only for the brother to tell me he never travelled to Enugu was still in Lagos. Joro i left the hotel immediately, went to his estate only for me to see his generator on and all his cars inside. I then jumped his fence. I don't even know how i got the power too honestly.

I jumped his fence and because i know his house too well, I remembered he had a torn net by the door. I put my hand inside and luckily the key was there. Anyways after much struggle to open the knob on top, i entered and when i went upstairs, there he was naked in bed with another woman. Worst part, she was so ugly and fat.

No offense to fat women but he had always told me i was getting fat and i would starve myself and all trying to be perfect for this man. Joro I'm so BROKEN. I really don't know what to do. I'm really struggling to be okay but I'm not. I can't eat, sleep, nothing. I keep having nightmares and body pains from the fall when i was jumping the fence.

There's still so much to the story but I can't even begin to say it all. I'm just here asking myself so many questions as to what i ever did wrong to deserve this. All i did was love this man honestly and faithfully. It hurts. He made me end so many friendships.

I practically did all he ever wanted. He couldn't even respect me enough to wait for me to leave. My head is just running wild with all this thoughts and I really feel like dying. It's so unfair.



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