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Come And Suck Me Again - Lagos Girl Cries Out

Following her mind-blowing unprotected sexual encounter with a social media lover living abroad, a 30-year old Lagos girl has disclosed she's been having a 'dripping vagina', whenever she thinks of the sex she had with her lover before he left Nigeria.

Here's the intriguing story she sent to a relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin as she craves for the 34-year old headmaster to come administer MouthAction to her again.

"Adejoro, yes o I'm dripping as I type this. I don't know what this guy has done to me. I'm 30, single and working, barely have time to socialize maybe once in two weeks. I usually don't reply DMs, but can't say why I replied his. His profile is empty, I mean not even a single picture of him but outta curiosity I replied.
I was expecting the same thing but he was different, very respectful and reserved, the convo wasn't boring and it very matured and as the messages kept coming I knew he's responsible, he's 34. I told him to send me his pictures so I know it's not a fake account.

Trust me this guy is moderately chubby and cute for days, I love his magical small lips, he lives in Europe and has a very good job. Trust me guys I've come to realize that empty vessels makes the most noise on IG. He asked for my number and without hesitation I gave him, luckily for me he was to come to home a week after we got talking. I offered to pick him from the airport.


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