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Help!! My Girlfriend Reeks Of Blood and Stench

Hello joro. Pls I need an answer to this: anytime my girlfriend is on her period she always reeks of blood, if u seat close to her or if she gets up from her seat you can perceive this stench (bloody) kinda stench...

I am a very observant guy, I notice she doesn't wash her vagina even if she's on her period or not each time she returns from work.(at least wash off if you can't bathe).

All she does is take off her clothes and tie wrapper till the next morning.... So pls I want to know, is it that she has infection of any kind or what?

Else what could possibly make a third party know you are on your period? I was courageous enough to tell her "you haven't changed your pad from yesterday" all she could say was, "I used tissue".

A lot of people use tissue but they don't reek of stale blood...

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