The man who is based in Lagos State admits that he is cheating on his wife but sleeping with these ladies gives him so much joy. After reading the story, another young lady also volunteered to meet with this man.
Read the story below:

Hello Joro, God Bless you. More shoes for you and Blessing. I want to share an experience I had recently that has changed my entire mind and life. Sometimes ago in June. I had s*x with an orange seller.

I was buying orange and I told her to enter my car to avoid lagos Official who wanted to arrest her. One thing led to another she gave me her phone digits. Later that night I got a room and she came to see me. This girl is 21 years. We had sex. Joro I did 4 rounds in one evening, something I have not done with anyone.

Even my wife. I felt like a Virgin again the S*x was awesome and heavenly. I gave her 100k after. We started having s*x ever since then. Then her phone went off. I called almost 1 million times Joro. I drove back to the area and I spent 6 hours looking for her. I couldn't find her.

It broke my heart. I was running mad. I keep going back to the market to search for her Joro. Now what bother me is this, I went to look for another orange seller again. This time it took me 4 days to sleep with her.

It was even more awesome as the first one. I did 5 rounds with her. I even started cumin air after a while. I then told myself it's not about the first one. Now I have a fetish for sleeping with orange sellers. Yes I am a married man. Well educated, I earn good pay. But this has now become a part of my life I can't do without.

Since June Joro, I have slept with 8 orange sellers. It's now a hobby. I love the way they smell. They have a particular cry during the sex. I love them. I love my wife too but after 10 years of marriage, I can't deal or cope with her anymore. God knows this.

The reason why I'm here is I want men to try sleeping with orange sellers so they can feel what I feel. You will feel like a Virgin. I honestly don't want to change. I love my wife. I love my children but this happened to me by faith. I feel so good Joro. Please reply me I have a lot more to say. I have one who I really love. She is a twin, her twin is schooling. I feel Happy and blessed Joro.


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