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I love palm oil for s*x

Is it harmful? Because I love the feel. Hello Joro, am a girl of 21 years. I was a virgin on Val Day. My boyfriend try having sex with me for val. The pain was real and all.

I kept on scratching him. He try all oils. He loves me and don't want me in pain. He then use something. He slide in me warmly. I love the feel. After I ask him because I recognize the smell.

He said it's palm oil. We both laugh and all. But now after we have been using palm oil as lubricant for weeks now Joro. Is it safe? He does skin dive and I love it.

We don't use condom. But with a pinch of palm oil I will go into cloud 10. Have been checking on google. But no direct answer. Joro what do think ? Share for your audience too

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