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I'm About To Get Married, Should I tell my Ex we have a child?

Hi Joro, Greetings from this side of Africa.
I found out I was pregnant after leaving my ex,l never told him about it. Our daughter is now 4 soon to be 5. She is a joy to behold,has given me so much happiness,' decided long ago to keep her to myself and never tell my ex.

My close family knows this and had accepted it,however serious matters have come into play,marriage and adoption. The wider family thinks she's my boyfriends now fiance's daughter .
Am engaged,will be wed at the end of year. My fiance wants to adopt my daughter. He is amazing with herwe live together.

My parents are divided on this issue, mum is in agreement with me to never let my ex know about my daughter considering what transpired while my father thinks we should let my ex know and let him be a part of his daughters life if he wants to. My father doesn't know the gravity of what happened with my ex. I don't want my daughter to be in that family.

The thought of it scares me.l feel the best thing is to let my fiance adopt my girl and move on with life. I'll be following in the comments,' especially want to hear from the ladies,have any been faced with this dilemma?

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