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My househelp is pregnant. I'm scared.. my husband... stains on my husbands boxers

Hi Joro, more money to ur account plz keep me anonymous My househelp, although she's more of a distant cousin, gave birth yesterday and I don't know why I'm really scared. Joro I'm writing this with tears in my eyes.

My mind keeps telling me d baby could be my husband's. When ever we talk abt her pregnancy my husband always keeps mute. 84 she got pregnant my mind has been tellin me sumtin is goin on btw dem.

I started suspecting dem d day I left both of dem at home 2 quickly go get some groceries on getting back I knocked and knocked and he dey dint open till like 15mins n wen I got inside I saw her sleeping, he told me he asked her to sleep till I come back. dat was arnd March last year.

But i didn't see my husband has som1 dat can do dat kind of thing and besides d girl is really unrefined and has body odor. Even he complains abt d girl dirtiness. She's a 16year old. Wen she got pregnant she said it was 2 pple dat was sleeping with her.

She named one of dem but didn't say d others name. We went 2 d 1st guys workshop n he said he wasn't d one responsible dat he last slept with her in May. And she missed her period arnd July. And she didn't even defend her self there.

She didn't say anything until my mother slapped her and she now said this not d person she was talking abt again.. And ever since den she has been insisting it's only d guy we went to his workshop dat was sleeping with her dat she lied it was 2 pple.

And we didn't ask her again. Now Joro she has given birth and I'm really scared. I dnt know wat 2 do. I av not seen d baby coz we av sent her back 2 d village. And one other thing, of recent I av been seeing some strange stains on my husband's boxers, on the ass hole area.

P.s he is a very clean guy n doesn't repeat boxers. What could dis mean? Could my husband stoop so low to be sleeping with that girl?Could I be overreacting to this? Plz Joro I need advice from you n Joro nation. Pls Joro I wud appreciate if u post dis as early as possible. Thank u

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