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My husband loves licking armpits; I am worried

Good day Joro, I hope you are enjoying your holiday. I've been married to my husband for barely 2years now and he's beginning to exhibit some disturbing behaviors. Joro He started with licking my armpits during foreplay and sex.

I found it odd but I've heard that it's actually a "thing " for some people. Now he has graduated to asking me not to shave my armpits. I've left my armpits hair to grow for about 6 months now. I'm a hairy person so you can imagine how much hair is there right now.

My husband would randomly play with my armpits hair while we are watching tv, gisting in the bed, even when I'm asleep he just lifts my hands up and tangles the hair or braids it. During sex and foreplay he would rub his face around it and sometimes lick my armpits or attempt to chew on the hair.

It's really affecting my everyday life right now because I can't wear sleeveless cloths, my deodorant wears off easily, I'm uncomfortable in public because I feel like I'm beginning to develop body odor. Last Sunday the person sitting beside me in church actually told me "I'm a lady and I should try to take care of myself and shave' .

She probably caught a glimpse of hair in my armpits when I got carried away during the sermon and lifted my hands. I'm scared to shave because my husband really liked the hairs . He gets really aroused by playing with it.

To be frank our sex life has been great And he can't seem to keep his hands off me. I'm afraid that shaving my armpits will make my husband neglect me and I want a happy home. Joro But socially and personally im uncomfortable with the hairs. What can I do? I'm really confused on how to handle this.

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