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I mistakenly slept with my sister's husband

Good morning joro,more shoes to your closet, I mistakenly slept with my sister's husband and I must say that since then I can't get over him like I love his D...he pounds me so well but I recently missed my period and found out I'm pregnant for my sister's husband..

Should I keep the baby?I'm scared of abortion...should I tell my sister?my sister has been trying to get pregnant for a while now..what should I do

l'm finished !today is the worst day of my life .I'm pregnant for someone i thought loved me.the way he turned me down today ehnnn! I'd never believed anything of such will happen to me!

I was just too foolish to see .i don't even have a choice but to terminate the pregnancy.i can't sleep, i feel haunted . im a murderer! I dont know if God will forgive me.

I might even die in the process who knows? Please joro nation my own has happened just pray for me! Ladies!!!! Keep ur legs crossed till marriage o.if wishes we're horses i wont kill an innocent soul!!!

My version of "this particular man is a scum" Anonymous please!!!



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