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No sex for 5 months.. Not Even The tip

Hi joro. I will get straight to the point...my boyfriend and I have been together over two years and we currently live together. The past 5 months or so the sex has pretty much stopped. It went from a few times a week to once a week and its now about twice a month. He never initiates the process and about 90% of the time I get turned down when I do.

I have talked to him about this and up until recently believed that when he told me he had a low sex drive towards me that he was telling the truth. About a month ago I discovered he watches quite a bit of porn. I tried to talk to him about it and let him know what I was fine with it but wasn't fine with the fact that it had replaced our sex life. I found this on his phone.

Anyways, he proceeded to tell me that guys get bored having sex with the same girl every time and that porn is variety. I asked him what I could do to make him not be bored and he told me nothing. We then ended the discussion by him saying he was going to do better.

I found out he is still masturbating and nothing has changed in our sex life. I pushed the issue of what could be done to make it better for him with me and he said that he's bored having sex in our bed in the same positions. This made me loll I have tried plenty of times to have sex with him in plenty of places and I'm up for whatever position he wants to try.

I've also tried to watch porn with him and he said it was too awkward.
He's 24 and I'm 22.
I asked if he would be happier if we just split up and he says no and that he doesn't want to lose me and that he will stop watching porn and try harder. But nothing has changed. He said he rather masturbate than have sex. Joro for 5 months now.. no sex at all. Not even the tip.

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