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Now I know why most ladies don't date broke guys; This is why

Good day Joro, I am one of your fans. More grace and blessings to you. Anonymous please.
I am lady who run an online business and have been dating my boyfriend for a year now. So, one day I got a customer that wanted to buy my product worth of 50,000 in Abuja but he was scared of being scammed online.
So I suggested I will send the goods to my boyfriend (he stays in Abuja) then he can help me deliver it to the customer and collect the money. Joro, since early January my so call boyfriend haven't given me my money.

This is a guy I don't owe anything, not even #5. He will borrow money from me but never pay back, never gift me stuff (which I do occasionally o) Joro, he works but always complain he's broke, I never disrespect him or step on his ego because I believe a lady should be submissive to her man (so far you don't disrespect me too).

But Joro, this particular money is annoying me because this is my business money na. Dude just keep giving me different excuse anytime I ask him (have being calm and was never rude when asking him). My parents gave me the money I use to start this business mid last year and I can't just be wasteful na.
To my question; Should I change it for him and ask rudely maybe my money will come out but my mom is saying I should forget it and not ask him again.
Please, I need your advise and that of Joro nation's too because I think/feel my mom is just being old fashion.

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