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The truth is I'm not pregnant.. I wanted to see his reaction

Nice platform, ill be very brief, I'm 23 I'm a graduate, i met a guy in Abuja at work this January, he is 27 though he lives in jos and he is doing well,He was in town for a meeting.

While he was around we hanged out often, got to know each other and then he went back, a month later He invited me over and I traveled to jos, i stayed for three days,we had sex and it was unprotected, he tried withdrawing but it was too late most has gotten in, i was mad not just at him but how foolish I was to permit unprotected sex.

I was moody, he taught I was scared of getting pregnant, and kept apologizing, he got postinor2 for me,l didn't take it, I was convinced I wouldn't get pregnant cos I just finished seeing my menses the previous day but I didn't tell him that.

During my stay, I realized I really like him. I traveled back, we talk every day. three weeks later I called him, I told him I was pregnant, he asked about how I felt about it, I told him I was still trying to wrap my head around it, like I'm still confused, he said he wants me to keep it, he asked If could come to jos so we could talk it bcos he had stuff going on at the site, he couldn't travel to abj till April, i said it's fine, since we keeping it, no hurry I'll wait till April.

The truth is I'm not pregnant, I only wanted to see his reaction, I thought to wait for two weeks and see if he would change his mind, so far he has only been much mom caring seeking only for my comfort, everyday he is much more excited about it,l'm more than convinced now that he feels the same way I feel about him. but this morning he called,he told me he told him mum about it, he was thinking, if he comes to abj by April we would travel to Lagos to see my parent.

My problem is, this prank has gone too far, his family now knows, I was thinking of telling him since oh that it was a lie but but my mind has been saying, wait! Wait! Now how do I tell him it's not real? should I do that over the phone, travel to jos or wait till April when he comes. Or should I just say I had a miscarriage Pls, dont insult me too much I really need the advice.



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