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Who took my virginity?

Hi Uncle Joro. Good evening, I have a question bothering me. Please help me. Am wondering who took my virginity? Because am confused among 3 guys.

Okay they guy In English dept. I told him am a virgin and all so he gave me head his '105 game is to . As he gave me head. I bleed with the tongue. He did the tornado one.

This guy in Estate Mgt. He went half way blood came up and he was scared and left. Now Joro this guy in my own department whom I love. Went in only on tip blood still came. Am just in school thinking . No light and all.

Who took my virginity? Uncle Joro what do you think ? Because my first body count is determining my destiny. My mother said if the first guy who took your vig is No good. It will affect you in life. I will be reading comments advice me too


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