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Who's wrong? Me or My Boyfriend

Great job you are doing on this platform, I really need your expertise on this issue. My boyfriend is mad at me because 1 refused to talk to him on the phone. A couple of days ago, he called my mother, and tried to talk to me .

I wasn't feeling like talking on the phone with anyone, so I told my mother to ask him what he wants and I'll call him back later . He overheard that , and has been completely ignoring me since then . I tried reaching out to him a few times, without any success.

I feel like he's blowing things out of proportion and making it seems like such a big deal . I think he's wrong for acting like I did such a horrible thing to him. Who do you think is right/wrong? If I'm wrong, how can I get him to stop ignoring me and fix things?
Thank You.


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