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"Guys please stop giving head"

Oga joro, keep me anonymous, happy your vacay went well
Joro help me beg guys to stop giving head o, even if they want to, they should observe with microscope first, I have been seeing this particular for sometime now, her ass big pass Nigeria problem o.

I always give her head o and we scatter everywhere, I noticed anytime we have sex after I give her head, it's always doper.

So problem started last month o, Joro, after giving her head and all the doings, on my way home, I started having cough o, next thing, sore throat, 2 days later, I did test and it was staphylococcus aurues in my throat o, joro.

I took injection for five days and pills, the staph was still there, chest pain, fever, cough, body weakness, I never knew staph is very strong o. I was crying most night o, I could not even hustle o, na who well dey bomb clients o.

Joro am getting better now Sha, all those people shouting "I dey shame I dey shame, you are dying in silence" they really work o, I Don turn regular custo.. I thought I was giving head not knowing I was sucking staphylococcus aureus.

The reason why I wrote this to you is that she just texted me that she miss the way I suck it, suck fire nonsense



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