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He keeps mistaking my hole for my vag!na

Good evening Joro, I'm a big fan here in Ghana. But I'm dating a 9ja guy. So here's my issue. When we're doing doggy styles. He will try to insert his D in my second hole. Not my V. He will then apologize. He will say it's a mistake.

Joro this guy is 38 years old. How will a 38years old man not no the difference? Is he gay. He has done it like 10 times or more. A day he entered my second hole and went 3 strokes. That day he told me in loves me.
Does he need to do that to say he loves me. I don't get it. Is he making a mistake? Help me Joro.what do you think ? You can share you please to.

Does this happen with ni nic

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