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He May Have Swallowed Some Of My Ex Sperms.

I saw this post onj IG and I couldn't hold back my tears; how can your pant go off in as little as 4 days? I hope she can live with the guilt?

Please read:
I feel Like the worst girlfriend ever joro. I am ashamed and I feel bad as I'm looking at this sniper on my table. My boyfriend and I got into a fight. We called each other names. We didn't talk for 4 days.

I thought it was over joro. This morning around 8am I had sex with my ex he didn't were condom. He came in me. Around 9am my boyfriend came to my place to beg me. He was crying. Said he is sorry.

He started kissing me and my pant came off. He then started giving me head. Joro I feel bad because he may have swallowed some of my ex sperms. I feel like a dirty person. I feel like my heart has a black hole.

He is is sweet guy. I cheated because I wanted to punish him and I was in pains. He had sex with me and I feel so dirty. I feel like I'm not of it. I'm not anything. I betrayed him in less than 5 days.



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