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Help!!! I couldn't resist my neighbours sexy wife.

A man whose wife travelled to the United States of America for child-brith has narrated his clandestine s*xcapade with the wife of his neighbour who had been admiring him over time. The story was shared by Relationship adviser and psychologist, Joro Olumofin.

According to the man, his heart is currently ridden with guilt despite the maximum pleasure derived during the illicit romance. Read his story below:

Thanks for this platform joro. I just fVck3d my neighbors hot wife approximately 2hrs ago, she's married but they don't have a child yet, am married too but my wife is in America to deliver. I usually workout on my balcony which is directly opposite their flat, I have noticed she peepsfrom her window, my selling point is my body, amazing, her husband works in Lagos and she's always alone, last night our guard was no where to be found and I had to help her put her gen on after I saw her fiddling with it.

I don't know how she got my number but I am sure her husband has my number cos we talk, she sent me a text around 2am last night to say thank you and we started chatting, we chatted till 2am and we realized that we have friends in common from Benin. story short. she knocked at my door last night.
I realized that we have friends in common from Benin, story short, she knocked at my door this evening and brought me cookies, I was in my briefs and she came in covering her eyes telling me she didn't see anything.
She wasn't wearing a bra and I saw her nipples stand instantly. My dick got hard, she noticed and she started laughing. She told me I won't believe she's wet and this got me crazy, moved close, gave her a hug with my dick so hard and she grabbed it and gave me an amazing blow job, we had a fast unprotected sex and I couldn't withdraw, I hope she doesn't get pregnant. I feel horrible right now.


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