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How I Woke Up Without My Clothes Beside A Strange Man

Good day joro, more grease to your elbow. Please kindly keep me anonymous. So my cousins and I went out on my birthday. Before then my cousin and her boyfriend invited me to a birthday party that was happening on my birthday too and her boyfriend was supposed to come with his friends. It was actually a night party.

When we got to the party, we had fun and all.. I got drunk because I felt comfortable and I was in the midst of my family (ie, my cousins). We already made plans to sleep at her boyfriend's place.

I was drunk, I didn't even know what happened. Only for me to wake up in the morning joro, I was naked. One of his friends I sat with the day before said I asked him for sex. I don't even remember doing that. He said I was touching him and all.

I was devastated because I don't even know him and that was my first time of meeting him. He has been apologizing to me that he's sorry for taking advantage of me and that he likes me a lot and want to have a serious relationship with me and all. Can you imagine? I don't even know what to do. I feel defiled, irritated n all. I don't know what next to do. I'm just confused.

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