Hello Doc,
More blessings man. I will go right my issue. First of all, my ex wasn't a bad person and was never bad to me. She was cool and nice but we didn't understand each other. We couldn't have a peaceful conversation for 1 hour without dead matters being resurrected. Our conversations were mostly online and we only met briefly whenever I return to Nigeria.

Those brief meetings were if not all, for fire quenching sexual interactions. The misunderstanding continued when I return and worsened and I got really tired, the distance relationship wasn't going well, sometimes I will be away for a year and many months... sometimes we go months no convos.
To cut the long story short, I met someone else. Fell for her and we started dating. I let my ex know and she fussed up and called me names.

Whenever I was in Nigeria, I made efforts to not see her. Note that I never neglected her messages nor her calls and I show her care as she was never  bad to me. Anytime she raises dead issues, I vanish. After a while, she messages or calls again and this continued for 5 years.

As earlier mentioned, I avoided meeting her whenever I returned to Nigeria until her dad died. He had been critically ill and I didn't go to greet him. After much coercion from my aunt, I went to the house to pay condolences to the family and then I saw my ex again. After greeting, we talked and I left. That was the beginning of many phone calls from my ex asking me to go see her.

I was busy but created time to see her a few times and on one occasion after calling me many times and I refused to pick up , she came to my house vexed and sad. That night, we interacted sexually. This was in January 2019.

I soon left Nigeria and we kept talking until she stired up strife. Towards last month's end she messaged that she is pregnant and I am responsible. I thought she was bluffing because as a matured lady, I told you I was gonna come and you shouted yeah, cum in me. So I expected her to do the needful, take the pills.

Well, for someone who is still in school, she went home and told her family that she's pregnant for me. Now they want to go meet my respectable parents and tell them whilst I am miles away.
I am really confused on what to do. I feel I should tell my parents. My mom is quite I'll and my dad has high blood pressure. I fear how this dent on their reputation will affect them. I'm really sad and confused.
Please advise and post. Thank you.


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