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I Have Been Bonking My Mum Since Age 12, Now I am 26 and My GF caught us

Dear Joro, Please post this before I commit suicide. Beg my mother to leave me alone, she is a very religious follower of yours. I'm twenty six years old while my mother is forty eight. Im a graduate and I inherited the business my father left behind buy my mom is still the C.E.O. My dad died when I was 8 years old.

My mother started molesting me before I knew right from wrong. She would put my tiny prick in her mouth and it would be tingling me. Joro I had s***x with my mother for the first time when I was twelve years old. Ever since then we have been at it.

Through out my uni days I never had a girlfriend because I went to school from home, so the atrocity continued. When I began to know it was wrong i confronted her and she threatened to cut me off financially, moreover I was used to fucking my mother.

I moved out of the house at last to reduce intimacy with my mother and I met a girl five months ago. We clicked and right now inn in love with her and she loves me too until yesterday.

She was supposed to travel for her cousins wedding but changed plans and decided to come to my house (she has a key). My mom and I were doing business as usual in the room and didn't hear her come in until she walked into the room (door was open because mom and I were the only ones at home).

I have begged her, but she is threatening to expose me Joro. Please help me. Tell your readers to help me beg her, she is an ardent reader of your blog. What should I do? I don't think i can live with the disgrace. I'm also an average christian im scared of heavenly repercussions. I'm so depressed.


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