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I started having an affair with his best friend, I got pregnant for him

Lol Joro,more shoes in your wardrobe... You see al this men ehhhhh? When a woman will change their eyes go clear Let me tell you my story... I got married to a man,' thought he was the best man,when we got married Joro,he changed,started cheating without remorse,he beats me,comes home anytime he likes,) cried my eyeball comot.

l called him several times to talk things with him he didn't listen. He met a girl very pretty,figure 8. I am pretty n I have figure 8 but this girl beat me hands down.. ok he threw me out of the house with my baby boy of 2 years n married the girl...

3 years later he came begging, I accepted,not because I love him but because I want to revenge. I became hotter,and my heart became black.. Joro I came back,we renewed our vows, I went to the spot where he threw my things,) laughed.. he started with breakfast in bed) he started pampering me,everything I needed when we were first married he started doing it,but this heart is already black,this heart is already wicked,this heart is already broken..

I started having an affair with his best friend, I got pregnant for him n bore a son,the mumu thought it was his son 0'k.00 two years later I gave birth to a prettty girl,the fool was happy,he now has a daughter not knowing his best friend is their father,fast forward to 2015 I gave birth to a boy again for his best friend..

The stupid man thinks he's the only one good at this game'?'”' well I and his best friend got married in court last year December... we went for a us family visa and got it,so I and my kids are leaving this country by June,going to start a new life with his so called best friend,my first son loves his daddy's best friend so he is excited to come with us,l told him what his father did to us when he was just 2,how I suffered for 3 years..

We're leaving him with nothing a, ca yesssss I've waited for this moment for s000 long,can't wait to see the look on this face when we tell him those 3 children he nurtured aren't his.. he'll commit suicide, we're planning on doing it 2 days before we travel... that's what you get for turning
an angel to a devil,that's what you get for torturing a woman who loved you deeply with all her heart,that's what you get for not sticking with the woman you asked to marry you n sleeping around...

That's what you get... he'll probably see this n come to me like 'baby see this,some women are heartless' n I'll probably reply saying 'oh dear this is wickedness I don't need an advice,nobody advised him when he was torturing me.. this is just to let men know,that gentle woman giving you her all,that woman who's ready to give you are all or giving you her all could turn to a devil because of you..

And I'm sure his best friend my new husband knows this so he won't dare betray me... and oh we're divorced already,he signed a divorce paper n he didn't know it just because he trusts me, thanks to zee world for teaching us the way, the mumu think say I be fool...
Any ways I hope those mumu husband's learn.. don't try a woman,na only we follow devil talk,una no know Watin we discuss..



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