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I think my wife was a runs girl

This is another epic story shared on the IG handle of popular relationship blogger, Joro. The husband to a lady seems to feel his wife was a former runs girl due to her she relates with older men during outings.

Hello bro, I think my wife was a runs girl in her past. And for some reason I am not happy. I feel I married used goods. I love her but I feel funny.

Everytime we go out she always greats this old rich men. They always hold her waist and she doesn't like to introduce me to them. I have complained about this she doesn't listen.

We were in a long distance relationship and I didn't know much. Now I feel like she is not worth it. I don't want to eat her food, I don't want her to touch me.

How can I love her again? Will this feeling ever wear off ?


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