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I Told Her To L!ck My Armp!t, And She..

Good morning lovely people..

Please am here again with another heartbreaking story that happened this morning between me and my girlfriend..

Since we've been engaged in different s*xu*l int*rc*urse for sometime now..

I decided to come up with something new today.. so this morning while we were in deep romance..

I whispered in her ears to pull off my boxer and su*ck my scr*tum.

I wanted to have a different feeling this time because she has been sucking my d*ck alone other times... she almost resisted but then, she complied after I teased her a little...

She did it very well not minding the tiny hairs I have below there..

I almost moaned but instead I controlled myself by grabbing her on her head...

after a while, I decided to change to another style I thought I will enjoy.

So I jumped on the bed and pull off my shirt..

I saw her climbing on me... we started kissing like hmm, can't explain

Just then, I spread my 2 hands on the bed, closed my eyes and told her to lick my armpit..

I never knew when I got a very loud slap on my face that I woke up and started shouting
the sound almost blocked my ears..

before I could come to realised myself, my girl already slammed the door and was gone

I was confused because I didn't know what bad I really did that made her react that way..

I even thought she will enjoy sucking and licking my armpit like she enjoyed sucking my scrotun

now i've been trying to reach her line since then but she has refused picking up my calls..

reason why I've come to table this matter here to know if It was a bad thing I did to tell her to lick my armpit

Or was she angry over some other thing?

Please help because am angry now and I might decide to quit this relationship because she disrespected me by
1) slapping me with no cause
2) leaving without my permission

I know that there are girls on this nairaland that will gladly lick my armpit with joy without collecting a dime from me

please your mature advice is needed


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