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My boyfriend is a 1 minute guy... I'm very wet then....

My boyfriend is a one minute guy
Good morning Joro,hope you're enjoying your holiday? So I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 months and I must say this is the best relationship I've been so far.

He loves me n I love him too but Joro our sex isn't good, when it comes to foreplay/ turning me on this boy is a pro,like he'll make sure I'm very wet then after inserting his pennis he'll do pa pa pa and he'll cum.

I'll be like how can you turn me on and end up cumin after one minute? He'll go the second round but the first round was suppose to be the real deal,I've been dating this guy for 3 months and I've never cum.

Joro he doesn't take alcohol neither does he smoke,I'd have bought those baby oku n co for him but he'll not take it,even when I beg him to take herbs without alcohol he'll say n.

Joro before now I used to have a wonderful sex life with my ex but I had to let him go because the relationship was all about sex,' had to block the guy everywhere n I deleted his number so I won't message him,this.

Thing is killing me n beginning to affect the relationship because even my boyfriend doesn't like the fact that he is a one minute guy,he's ready to do anything.

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