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My husband molested my 10years old sister

A man has been accused of sneaking into his 10yr old sister-in-law’s bedroom and attempting to abuse her sexually.

Here is his wife's story as shared on Joro's blog;

Hi joro, I'm lost and don't know what to do..my husband molested my lOyrs old sister that am staying with, he goes to her in the night when I have gone to bed and dis is actually the 3rd time which my little sister run away from my house,but thanks to God that I later found her that night.

As it stands my parents and his mother are begging me to forgave him but I don't think I still want this marriage cos I can't stand him any longer...

I need help and advice on how to about this cos I have two kids for him and my marriage 4years.(he is also begging me to forgave and help save him)but I can't.pls hide my identity.

Joroolumofin wrote: "Please call the Police. He will do it again and again. Save a life. Get your sister help and give her a lot of LOVE"

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