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My Sidechick made me love my wife the more

Hi Joro & audience. Have been with my girlfriend now for 6 months. The sex is particularly great. Her bum is so soft. I love soft bum. So I asked her for what she uses for her bum.

She gave me the lady number who sells the oil and a herbs she uses. I told her it's for my friend. Honestly, it's for my wife. I cajole my wife into using this oil. Her bum is soft. She doesn't dry up after first round so much.

Now am loving my wife more than my girlfriend. I fuck my wide 3 times a day sometimes. I have not spoken to my girlfriend in 4 weeks. This is a person I can't do without. I think I will break it up with her officially.

Before this my wife's bum is so hard, her pussy is not juicy at all. It's like I have a new wife at home. I also told her to stop carrying her natural hair in the house. It is low and chop chop. Thank God. It all turn out fine.

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