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My testimony! This Guy Ate Me for 30mins

Good evening joro. There is a message for men out there. If ur a man and you can't do this. Ur not a man. Ur a boy toy. Joro, I was taking some medicine for illness. And the medicine was making my urine smell bad.

All around my Vjay was smelly. I won't lie. This guy have been talking to for months came to Abuja. We hang out 2 times. I went to his place. I told him that my vjay was not at its peak and it was smelly.

Joro this guy didn't care. He lick me for 30 minutes before entering me. He made me feel like a woman. I took a leap and kissed him too. Even though he licked me down there. We have still been in touch and I think he's the one.

Joro all these guys will write you and be saying girls are smelly. Guys smell too. Some guys don't wash their boxes or brush well. If you love a lady you will lick her without any complaints. I found love and I'm happy.

 Cucumber made me squ!rt For The First Time Ever


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