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She made have a Thr3some with a D!ldo, Baba!

Abeg, Hide my identity o
Baba, how far? I'm so pissed right now. As in!! So, this babe that I've been toasting for a long time but has been using me to do shakara. She called me up yesterday evening, asked if I could come spend the night at her place.

The thing shock me- because, I've been asking her for almost a year now. I now told her (as per, say I be Man) that she should come to my place instead. Even offered to call her an Uber. She said "No", that she can only sleep in her own bed and she has to be at work in the morning.

I decided to go o. When I got there, she was on a business call. She signaled to me, to go to the fridge and feel at home. Anyway, when she came back; she asked "if she could kiss me". I didn't even answer, I just started kissing her. She said, we should go in to the room.

It felt like "film trick". Walahi! I followed her like a humble boy that I am. We continued kissing her. Since I was sleeping over, I took it slow- did all the foreplay. As I put my hand inside her pants and noticed she was dripping, I was ready to use my "Big Daddy"-she's been playing with it o.

She just removed my hand. I thought that "maybe she wanted to invite 'big daddy' in herself': But no, she reached under her pillow and brought out a dildo. I first of all, didn't understand. I sha knew it wouldn't go inside me. Next thing, she put the dildo into herself... see her moaning! Next thing, she's back to kissing me and touching me.

I tried to take her hands off the dildo. Like, "Bae, Big Daddy is here and ready" But she gently took my hands away. Continued kissing and touching me until she came. Soon as she came, she asked me "if I wanted to clean up before we went to bed" I said "no...that I didn't cum na':

She said should go jack off in the bathroom that she has to sleep now because she has a meeting in the morning': I haven't felt as worthless as she made me feel. Most annoying thing is that "I couldn't even go home; the thing go resemble 'walk of shame": Like, I literally just had threesome with a dildo! As in  III  I'm really pissed

She wants me to suck her toes


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