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She told me she was virgin: I put my d!ck in and waahwu...No speed breaks, no portholes no ditch

OG Joro, trust your day is going as planned?
I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of your blog. But here am telling my story. Talking about virgins not bleeding... I met her a virgin in my church 4years ago we've been dating since then and I've known her for about 8 years.

It was her birthday weekend and then I decided to give a transafrique treat. So we went to Togo and then Ghana. We stayed at the luxurious Moven peak ambassador hotel for 3nights...
I was going to propose but something told me "guy test am" as a naija boy... I started sipping JD and she said she would like to indulge.

#aduraGba so we downed the bottle and started playing rough b4 I know it baba, my shirt don commot, Sokoto no where to be found and she was stack naked. OK back to the matter she don commot my MIC and she begin de Hype me.

End of the rough play, I put my d!ck in and waahwu... Na so I de go in like Rolling Stone. No speed breaks, no portholes no ditch nothing stopping me she wasn't even tight. I thought I was drunk...

Morning again, I say make I reconfirm and Bros my three fingers enter finish (I'm 6:4 tall. means my fingers and baba isale long well). I asked her if she was raped... No answer I asked her if it was someone else she said no but Bros this babe came like twice b4 me.

Was she ever a virgin? I'm very close to her family... Everybody knows me with her. I'm about to breakup with the only woman I have ever loved. She completes me and I can't imagine my future without her.

But this lie issue I can't tolerate. If she's ready to tell the truth about how she lost her virginity then I'm ready to forgive. (I no talk say me sef no de mark register for street o)
But the woman weh I love? What do I do?



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