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Should i leave my barren wife for the mother of my kids?

Good day Joro well straight to the epistle, have been married for 8 years and unfortunately me and my legally married wife were unable to have a child of our own, sincerely i did my best, i spent a lot, supported her, encouraged her when she is down, even went against my doctrines as a Christian to some shady places in search for a child.

Well, after 4 years and some months, i had a 1 night stand with a lady who happened to be my friend, prior to that i have never cheated on my wife, well Joro the lady carry belle o, she thought i would suggest she abort it but Joro i know my status, i decided to plead with her to keep it and am gonna act out my responsibilities accordingly in taking of the child.

Well she gave birth after some months, did DNA and confirmed i am the father, we did a lowkey naming and all that, i was still actually hoping my legally married wife have a baby, well after 2 years and nothing to show for, i decided to try again with this lady and yes she had another baby.

I do have 2 boys now, and the mother of my kids is now asking me to legally marry her and she wants me around more often, have been thinking and contemplating if i should just divorce my wife cos i can't be married to 2 women, though am willing to carry out my responsibility as a husband until she finds her own soulmate.

However before all the drama my wife did confide in me she had multiple abortions for her one and only lover before we met and that was after 3 years of relentless searching for a child even d doctor's result shows nothing is wrong with both of us, could it be the abortions might have done some damage to her womb even though the doctors did not confirm that?

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