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Urgent! My wife's sex drive is a blessing and a curse

Good day Joro. More grease to your elbow. I need major advice. Met my wife when I was a club boy and she was the typical bad girl, partying, smoking etc and that was my type of girl. When we started dating she said she didn't want s3x it was war before I agreed to that. Fastword to after wedding oya lets have sex. Worst sex of my life.

She didnt know jack only to lie down like panla. That's when she confessed to me that she's a virgin and she thought I would runaway if she told me. I didn't even know weda I should vex or be happy. I now had to become lesson teacher now it has backfired. She has become obsessed with s3x. She wants s3x 5 mins after I'm back from work.

We are watching tv next thing she wants s3x. She'll show up at my office during lunch and fuck me. I've tried to tell her normal people don't have s3x multiple times everyday. To her it's like doing something you like daily like drinking coke everyday or
something you do when you're bored. At first this was my dream come true. My very own freak in the sheets but now I'm tired abeg.

My dick hurts so much I think it might fall off. If I succeed in coming home late after she has slept this woman will wake me up from sleep to have s3x. How can I be running away from my marriage cos of s3x? These young girls will now be offering me pu33y like this hell isnt enough for me. Does she need deliverance or a therapist or something? Please post.


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