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We were on the same bed. I looked back and they were smashing.. should I play along?

Uhm, something really has been bothering me .... I am not judgmental, i took my friend to a friend's place (a man) ... I sincerely do not have feelings for this guy yeah.. so I was trying to get her to talk to him .. but she wasn't reciprocating ... I felt like I was imposing this guy on her .. so I just let everything be.

So uhm we slept over yeah, so late at night I was fast asleep lol so fortunately for me joro I turned I saw them smashing behind me on the same bed lol they just paused like they were sleeping I turned to face the wall and allowed them finish ..

The light was turned off so I am not certain if they know I saw them ... but I couldn't sleep on the bed anymore went to the toilet dressed up prepared to go back home yeah... but she acted like nothing happened.
I pretended I saw nothing joro but the guy in question felt uneasy he couldn't even say anything to me ... this guy tried to use this tactics by saying his divorced blah blah Nd tried to get into my pants, but I made it clear to him nothing can happen between us aside friendship so I think he used that on my friend and she fell for it.

I am not even pissed at her I mean she's an adult , they are both adults ... I just felt disrespected and I really want to confront her and I wish she could be wiser around men but I don't want that awkwardness between our friendship... if only she can tell me I would just let her know that I know... presently she's been shying away and that awkwardness is starting to crawl in.

I just need to let her know it's okay to do whatever you want I am totally cool with but I'd just preferred if she came out straight instead of making me feel I was imposing something on her and right under my nose she slept with him and still playing cool...
I don't know if to confront her or just keep playing along ...