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Wives, Check your husband's phone! My perfect husband of 15 years has been cheating

Hello Joro. I just discovered that my perfect husband of 15yrs has been cheating on me. He doesn't drink, smoke or keep late night, doesn't even hang out with friends, he's an indoor person. But he doesn't like giving me his phone or pick calls when I'm around.

When I ask him he'll say he doesn't like answering strange numbers cos people disturb him for money. I never bothered checking him phones cos I trusted him too much.

I never suspected anything cos I trusted him with my whole heart Joro. He's my first. Never had any serious relationship before him. Never dated or slept with a married man before cos I didn't want any girl to sleep with mine.

So...one day he goes to work and forgot his phone at home. That is the day I won't forget in a long time. I discovered that he's been sleeping with random girls. I saw terrible things, naked picture. girls of different shapes and sizes. Was going to different sites to pick girls and then book hotels.

He does it most times in the day time and when he's out of town. I couldn't confront him immediately cos I was too shocked . I never would have believed that my scripture filled husband will cheat on me. Felt so stupid and used all these years.

When I finally confronted him. He apologized and said it was better he slept with random girls than have a side chick. Which is more dangerous? I'm heartbroken. I still love him but can't forget what he did to us.
Can I ever trust him again. He says it was lust and he will never cheat on me again. Is that possible after sleeping with those ladies over the years?


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