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Arsenal players are stupid. They ruined my relationship

Joro shoes to your wardrobe. I'm so angry right now, I'm so so angry .i was supposed to go see my boyfriend this weekend, they won arsenal and since then he has changed his mind that he is not in the right mood again to see me.

See me see wahala, am I the one that made them to loose..i feel so sad cause I'm really horny and I want to be with him,' need to start this new semester sane, I have been horny for too long and it's beginning to drive me crazy.

Touching myself no longer satisfy me, I need his tongue on my clit and his hands on my breast, I have been waiting for this for so long(--,;').

Now I will have to keep holding myself again till I don't even know when,cheating on him is way out cause I swore not to ever do that,;„-:) I'm just so angry.God will punish arsenal, that club just need to be scraped.

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