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As a man, can 160k sustain marriage ?

So a slay queen turned down a guy's marriage proposal simple because his takke home pay is 160k! Are you serious? My dad married mammy with less than 6k as a salary.

Marriage is a partnership. If she made half of that, both of you can come together and work towards bigger things. You are not getting into the relationship to become a slay queen maintenance machine. You are there to build. To grow together. It is kids that change the game.

Read his story;

I just want to know how much should a man be earning before he can venture into marriage. I'm earning 160k per month after tax and pension. My fiancée said it can't sustain us.

I understand from her point of view cuz she's a slay queen. As a Man, is 160k not a good start? I won't earn this for life. Pls Joro, I want to here from people's point view.


You're good to go but AVOID getting married to a woman who only wants to take from you and not give anything in return. That's why it is called Marriage. • Your 160 is fair but let her bring her bring something to the table too. Put it together and work it out • Don't let an ungrateful and slothful woman make you feel you're not worth getting married! She'd leave at the slightest discomfort and provocation. Be guided!

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