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I am Still sleeping with my married Ex-Boyfriend

Hello Joro.Thanks for the good work your doing. Kindly post this for me and in need of advice. My ex left me and married someone else,l was Soo heartbroken to the point that I went into depression for some good months but slowly got out of it.

We still kept in touch even after his traditional marriage and he still confesses how he still has deep feelings for me and still wants to be apart of my life.He still cares for me as though am his girlfriend.

He says he wants to see me happy and tries so hard to do things that can make me happy.) too still have deep feelings for him and we both know we have a bond.After he got married,we still continued to sleep together fu..king without protection.

( Please don't judge it happens especially when u still feel u have a special connection and still love the person.)Now here is the problem,ever since he got married,we have slept together twice but he doesn't erect.
He can be in the mood for sex ,so much but when we are all on fire and about to start,he loses his erection.its so frustrating and I always see him feeling disappointed because he can really be wanting to hit *it*.

Now here is my question,could this be some sort of juju( witchcraft) done on him or it's some sort of erectile dysfunction....the hygiene bit is out of the qtn because am a clean girl & he wasn't like this before while we were dating.

What could cause a man not to erect while he's in the mood? He's married, still have feelings for him but this situation is making me hide from him

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