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I fu...cked him too good coz I like to tell my partner what I want,

Dearest Joro, see me see wahala.. So I just started dating this guy in January, sweet handsome, very successful well to do guy. With a lot of manners and etiquette. And Joro he's deliciously handsome.

Now here's the wahala, I'm 27 and of course right now I'm not dating for sports, I want to take my time and make sure I'm not rushing and I've been really proud of myself. Now we've been on all sorts of dates and kissed, smooched the whole works minus sex.

We now had sex for the first time yesterday, I'm a very passionate lover, and I'm not the shy type on bed. When I'm having sex, I communicate what I want and how I want you to flip and turn me like a burger, some men think they are licking soup when giving head, I like to tell my partner what I want, to give me my ultimate pleasure..

Because most men don't tend to the needs of women, just want to dive in, cum and finish. Liesss! I must come too, several times if possible. play with the clit like a piano, suck and bite my nipples, tap this ass, kiss my neck etcetera so I'm very communicative and freaky..

Now he's been probing me on how many past lovers I've had, who taught me all those skills I used on him, that it takes someone with so many experiences to have such skills.. In other words, I've been around the block.

When in truth I just started having sex at 25 and have had just 3 lovers my entire life. I read alot of eroticas and I touch myself a lot, so I know what I want.. I got angry and blocked him, as I've never felt so insulted in my life. He's been begging and calling me with different lines, I initially liked him and its still a huge factor but I can't get over that insult!

Plus he doesn't deserve this coocha, but my body is betraying me! He did flip me like a damn burger and I was delightfully begging for my life.. I'm torn! What do you advice.

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