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I punished him, Made him svck me till I, squirt in his Mouth, Refused him..

Hi joro , good day , I hope you post this , a guy invited me to portharcourt. My transport from where I stay to him is 3k going and coming , that's #1500 each . This stupid monkey promise to give me 50k , when I got there stories upon stories.

We got to his house by 10pm and it was late when I ask him for the transfer before fVck , he started story , I just told my self I will make it count , I took my bath by 11 pm , told him he will suck my pussy till I cum but he will not fuck , he sucked me real good , each time I cum.

I told him get the fuck off , he did got up in pains and wet d!ck , I saw his pant wet , I made it clear if he tried to rape me , we die that night , I was ready to die ,even neighbours for gather separate us , I work out so I'm fit.

I watched him roll on bed crying in pains , I told him f00l go wank, he did in his bathroom and came out , in the morning I made him suck like hell , squirt in his mouth and my period started that morning , he suck blood I off light, Ion!.

I did it purposely , but he didn't fvck , I treated him like trash , when I was leaving he transfered my transport ,i didn't loose anything , I played like a fool ,packed all is remote control, dstv, television and others , wicked ness!!! 

He called to say he has wound in his tongue , I don't want to tell him is the reaction from sucking blood , lol ,I feel good , I'm going to throw all the remotes , his friend wrote me from Lagos saying this , find attached message below.

I feel good , he will spend money and be angry for a while and piss , at least he will spend 10k for the remotes .1°1 , ladies when deal got messed up , steal things from guys house and to throw away , like all is watches , remotes , cufflinks etc . 

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