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MARATHON SEX! He confessed that my body changes triggers his d!ck

Dear Joro, have been married for 10 years with 2 lovely kids and I must confess I have a good man and a good marriage as well. But something bothers me recently. We are both sexually active and yes I love and enjoy sex with him and haven't had any cause to deny him sex.

He loves me and I love him too and he doesn't cheat(' can swear on that).
I'm 8weeks pregnant for our 3rd child. Ever since I took in, hubby has never allowed me rest . He confessed that my body changes triggers his d!ck and he can't get me off his head.

Yes, my boobs increased in size (almost 3 times of what it used to be), my hips enlarged and all those glow that comes with pregnancy. My hubby works offshore so travels on Tuesdays and returns on Saturdays every week. The past 2 weeks has been terrible for me.

From the sat till the Tuesday he will leave for work, it's been marathon sex( 3 times a day or more). Last weekend, I decided to act sick so he took me to the hospital. I was given some drugs and asked to rest a little in the ward.

Hubby insisted on private ward o. We had sex 2 times b4 I was discharged.
Joro, my body is failing me. I have pains and aches all over and not in the mood for sex. He is aware of all of this but his dick keeps betraying him.

Am 8 weeks pregnant for Christ sake and slot of hormones are not working in my favour at this time. My hubby has refused to leave me alone and I can't deny him. I don't have the heart to deny him although I don't want sex. Sometimes I feel pity for him seeing his dick all charged up and the way has begging just to have his way.

I haven't been to work throughout this week cos I can't even walk well so I took a week off. Now today is friday, he called me to remind me he's coming back the next day and how he can't wait to get down with me. I have been crying cos I know what am in for for the next 4 days. I haven't fully recovered from that of last week.

JoRo, my hubby is not a wicked man. He's a nice guy and won't want any harm to come to me and the kids but this recent craze about sex is what I don't understand. Is it my fault that this pregnancy added some fat and flesh in the right places? He hasn't always been like this. Joro, he doesn't force me, he simply pleads and I let him.

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