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Married men love me. Married women are irritating

A few months go I saw a post where a man wrote, and I quote; "Joro my contribution. I like anal and my wife has to get used to it. Anal is tighter and do has a different smell. If your not a virgin when ur husband met him you.

You have expose yourself to other dick. Ur V is no tight. Told my wife. She must do anal. Didn't meet her a virgin. She is not so tight.
If you don't want to do anal. Keep your virginity for your husband"

A lady quickly followed with a post similar to what the man wrote above, she wrote;
"I don't pity any married woman. It's not my fault am fair and fine and bursty. Married men love me. I don't chase them. If they give me money I will collect. I sleep with some.

Married women are irritating. Keep your home and take care of your husband. Me now I did my bum surgery. So many married men on my case. So many marriage women won't do bum surgery or do anals.

If you don't give your hubby anals he will do it outside. Facts on facts Joro. Married women upgrade. 19s

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