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My Husband wants To Bleep My a$$Hole

Hello joro more shoes, been married for a year now and on my wedding night after I and my husband passed out during sex the next morning he woke me up by starting to finger my as.shole immediately I rebuked him and he apologized.

But ever since then he has been doing that before s3x or after s3x I got used to it but I always remove his hand and rebuke him, but joro last month my husband called me and told me he wants to have anal s3x with me.

I said no bro joro my husband is a loving husband he does practically everything for me. Ever since I rejected the offer he has changed, my monthly allowance reduced from 200k to 100k fast forward to last week.

I sat him down and said I accept his offer but first I have to use my dildo on his asshole if he enjoys it then we can have the anal he agreed. Bro joro I rubbed oil on the dildo and I pushed it inside his ass he screamed and pulled it out he couldn't walk properly for 2 days and he stopped talking to me.

All he does is eat and go to sleep I even asked him to come and do his own the kind of eye he gave me eh I have to pack well now is it my fault ? Joro what should I do

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