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Please stop giving head

So I saw this debate between two guys on IG on giving head or not to give head, I couldn't stop laughing when a particular guy said he was going to continue giving because he's been giving head for the past 9yrs.

Read and tell me what you think;

Stop trying to discourage me from given head. I love head. I am a skilled head giver. Girls cum from my head. Have been given head cor 9 years now. Nothing do me. I love head.

I love how girls cry and scratch my back when am giving head. Joro carry your preaching and Go. Even if the vjay smell like fish. I like fish stew. Who no like fish stew?

Nothing do me. Joro stay ur own ane. You done come again.

Good day. Please help me and beg guys following you here to stop giving head. Please am begging. A lot of girls are not clean and don't clean up, they no they are not clean and they will open for you to lick.

Please. When I heal properly I will share my story. Please stop giving head. A lot of girls care more about there face more than Vaj. The dirty ones will insult the most. Please.

I will share my story soon. Stop giving head. Please. Stop giving head. Only God saved me.

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