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She took off her top, kissed me, I was a goner!

DAYO was in very high spirit as he drove to the university campus, mentally bonking the array of girls that wiggled their hips on his route. He cursed as he saw his 19-year-old daughter in the midst of a few friends. Too late, she’d seen the car. The look on her face was pure joy as she ran towards him.

 “What are you doing around here daddy.” She squealed. Not actually expecting an answer, she jumped into the passenger seat and babbled on about needing money to go with her friends to an ‘eatry’.

“If she were older, she would have realised I wasn’t all that pleased to see her,” Dayo said. “I was on the campus to see Tonia, my daughter’s older friend and that was not my first visit either. I had to lie that I came to find out about a friend who was to resume lecturing there. Tonia and Ikepo, my daughter are very good friends.

In fact, it was Ikepo who once brought her to the house for a sleep-over. They instantly took to each other after, spending so much time together and the sleep-over has since been a regular thing. Tonia is a very pretty 21-year-old girl who always flirted with me mercilessly whenever she came visiting. “From time to time, she’d accidentally be changing ‘innocently’ when I’d walk past their bedroom door, and she always made suggestive comments whenever it was just the two of us.

On one of her visits, my daughter had to go to the shops to get a few things and didn’t go with Tonia because she was fixing her hair. It was the first time it had been just the two of us as my wife was on night duty in the hospital she worked for. I was busy in my study when Tonia came in. All her teasing had got to me and when she took off her top and kissed me, I was a goner!

I tried so hard to resist her but my wife and I seldom had s3x, and there was this sex pot rubbing herself against me. We had s3x and it was the most refreshing experience I’d had in years. Nothing beats a lithe body with a wealth of experience when you’re having s3x. What’s more, my sexual tension had been building and building for a long time and I felt powerless to resist her.

“She casually put back her clothes afterwards and smiled suggestively as she left my study. I knew as an adult, I should have told her to stop but she was an adult herself. Her s3xual experience must have taken her a long time and, a few partners to acquire. So, if she was willing, who was I to deny myself the pleasure of a strings attached s3x?

What we had was a consensual s3x between adults didn’t feel I was cheating on my wife because she had long regarded s3x as nothing but a duty. “And you shouldn’t forget the fact that she seduced me, and as much as we like to think of girls that age as innocent, a lot of them have been sexually active for years. After she’d directly sexually stimulated me, after I’d been without meaningful sex for a long time, I’d be a fool to give her a lecture and send, her into the arms of another willing partner!

I’m a man, not a monk. So I took what any man would give his right arm for. “On the days that her so called sleep-overs with my daughter become few and far-between, I would make arrangement to pick her up on campus and take her to my guest house. But on this day in question, my daughter beat her to my car! Of course, she had no clue I was seeing Tonia, and I prayed she would quickly leave. So I gave her more money than should I, and she happily ran towards where her friends were waiting for her.

My phone had beeped when she was with me. I read the message, it was from Tonia asking me to drive towards the gate— she was already there waiting for me! She told me she saw Ikepo in my car and took a cab to the gate. Clever girl! She thinks of everything and as I handed her her own ‘egunje’ she was more than happy to come with me to our love nest. “I don’t ask her any silly questions about boyfriends. I’m almost 30 years older than her and I have no intention of marrying a second wife. I’m sure the thought never even crossed her mind to get hitched to me.

She is always insisting on my bringing some condom. The last time she travelled on holidays, she brought back a lot of the latest brand that is as good as your skin. I’m terribly fond of her. I would feel very sad the day our affair ends, but a few of my close friends who knew about us told me these girls knew a good thing when they found it, that I shouldn’t be surprised if she continued the relationship even after she got married. If that happens, I wouldn’t say no— we’ll both be doing each other a favour.”

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