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The man sent me 400k.. I Just wanted To f**k him.

I beg u Joro please post this. Please I beg u in Gods name
Joro, I met a guy on ur page when u post single say Hi and all that. He came into my dm. So we chatted and we got good.

He was just inviting me to come over to his house this and that. At a point I insulted him. So yesterday I was bored and I just needed a weekend get a way from home. I chatted him, he asked me to come to come.

I asked to take uber, he sha gave some excuse, I was so bored that I just wanted to leave house so I took bus to the island from isolo. We met I was so tired. So we went to his house, this guy doesn't even have food in his apartment, he made noddles for me.

I was so pissed and I was sha managing and watching moving, cos I really needed to leave my house for the weekend. He tried to touch me at night I shouted at him and he left me. This morning he made me tea and bread.

I was already chatting my friend and telling her I have enter one broke boy one chance. So I told him I wanted to leave, he begged me that he's broke and I should calm down a lil. Well, I said I wanted to leave, then he got a call, on of his customers called him.

he sha ordered uber and said we should go together and the uber will take me home. When we got to that mans house, they discussed about interior decorations and the man right in front of me made a 3 million transfer to his account.

And he said he got it, that wasn't all, he later asked me if I know anything about house cleaning , as in general cleaning . I said I don't know. Me that I don't have a job. He Shay said I should tell the man that's what I do, I told the man, and he put mouth, like joke like joke, this man gave me 6 duplex to do full cleaning cos it's new houses.

He gave me each for 100k and the man sent me 400k and will pay the rest later. Joro I opened my mouth and couldn't close it. Me that I don't have a job. The guy told me to go. I was even begging him to stay back, he insulted my life. Saying a broke guy last night could be rich in the morning so far he has what he does. Well, God used him for me.

I don't even know how to beg him. I feel like f.....cking Jim but bros has sent me to my house. I have contacted some old women that cleans in my areas and they told me what and what we will do, I'm sure I will make like 40k ok each. I'm just grateful but at the same time ashamed of myself for looking down on him. I'm just advising ladies , please so far he's not a G boy and he has what he does, don't underrate him please.

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